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While each EC piece is special in its own right, we love to work with clients on a personal and meaningful custom piece. Whether it's a past season item you wished you had bought years ago, a current season piece with an alternative fiber, colorway, or metal, or anything else you can dream up, we'd love to hear from you.
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Custom Ring Archive

Custom rings over the years, utilizing our clients own vintage and heirloom stones and recycled metals

Band, Recycled 18K Gold with Platinum 
 Platinum Band with Vintage Diamonds, Client's Own
Montana Sapphire with Recycled 18K Gold
 18K Recycled Gold, Platinum and Vintage Diamonds, Client's own  
 Bands, Recycled 14K Gold, and Vintage Diamonds 
Recycled 18K and Platinum, Mine Cut Diamond, Client's Own
Earrings, Tahitian Pearls, Recycled 14K Gold

14K Recycled Gold, Vintage Diamonds + Rubies, Client's Own

 14K Recycled Gold, Platinum and Vintage Diamonds, Client's own  


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